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Welcome to my homepage! I really haven't done much with this page for a long time. But please feel free to take a look at my pictures from my time at Oxford. I was really fortunate to spend a year there getting my master's degree in environmental geomorphology (quite a mouthful, but basically the study of the processes that shape the surface of the Earth.) I had a great time and was able to do loads of things, which I missed doing since leaving Cornell University. Presumably, if you are reading this, then you are a friend as I wouldn't expect anyone else to know about this webpage. Welcome. If you don't know me, that's okay. Welcome to my page. If you are another Eric Shih, then welcome also. :) Soon to spotlight All things Canadian!  

  • Take a look at the St. Cross Student webpage It hasn't been updated by the current webmaster, but I designed the page. Even though it's a bit elementary, I'm really proud of it.
  • Please visit my Oxford Friends Page for some photos of my friends at oxford.

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